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Stop paying for features you don’t need and don’t use. Instead, RankCaddy gives you actionable insights throughout your journey. Designed and built by SEO professionals, RankCaddy saves you money and delivers results.

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  • 7x Lower Price (compared with their Pro package)

  • Everything you need & nothing you don’t

  • Actionable insights that deliver results

Why choose RankCaddy

Quick Wins and Opportunities

Uncover quick wins and actionable opportunities within a couple of clicks.

Quick Wins and Opportunities

Effective Keyword Research & Content Inspiration

Get a useful, intuitive breakdown of keyword suggestions. Harness the power of AI to surface supporting content ideas and build the perfect topic clusters that will help you dominate the SERPs.

Keyword Research - Content Inspiration

Data Dive

Dive deeper into your SEO landscape with our unique Data Dive feature. Integrated data from Google Analytics and Search Console unveils impactful actions for informed SEO tactics.

Data Dive

Google Organic and Local Rankings

Keep track of your Google Organic and Local Rankings with pinpoint precision.

Google Organic and Local Rankings

Keyword Cannibalisation Detection and Analysis

Filter by and chart cannibalisation issues. Investigate and resolve page conflict issues for quick wins.

Keyword Cannibalisation Detection

Flexible Alerts and Opportunities

Identify and address SEO issues proactively with RankCaddy’s flexible alerts and actionable insights.

Flexible Alerts and Opportunities

Innovative Feature Development

At RankCaddy, we are constantly developing new, actionable features to enhance your SEO outcomes. Stay ahead of the curve with our regularly updated toolset.

Innovative Feature Development

SEO Professionals like you are getting results, saving time and saving money with RankCaddy.

We've been using RankCaddy since it was released to Beta testers. Within a couple of weeks we knew we had to move all our clients over and use it as our main rank tracker. The tracker itself has so many great features that other trackers don't have and it's simple to use. The team at RankCaddy are quick to respond to any support issues and will happily take ideas for new features and improvements.

Jack Stonehouse

427 Marketing

RankCaddy is an essential piece of kit in our SEO toolbox! We were really impressed with how simple it was to use, whilst still being able to generate results that were comprehensive, but above all, data that we could easily translate into actions.

Anna-Roisin Bowles

Inter Vivos

RankCaddy is a game-changer for my SEO strategy. The insights and data it provides have helped me identify new opportunities and quickly make necessary changes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their SEO game.

Michael Keane

SEO Freelancer

RankCaddy's Data Dive feature is a game-changer. I love how easy it is to find and prioritize opportunities. It also makes GSC data so much easier to view and get insights from. It's like having a team of data analysts at my fingertips.

John Thompson

JT Digital

I'm blown away by how much value RankCaddy provides for the price. The tools are comprehensive and the data is presented in a way that's easy to digest. I can't imagine doing SEO without it.

Matt Dean

Go Media

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