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More than 6x lower than the cost of Semrush!

RankCaddy not only saves you money, but you also get access to the tools that matter.

No more data dumps or pointless features. Track the data that matters to you and easily find quick wins & actions. Let RankCaddy do the heavy lifting so that SEO becomes as easy as ranking for ‘Lift Repair in Oatman’

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Rank Tracking and

Track rankings and features, track and chart by tags and keywords, conflict detection, find opportunities... and more.

Rank Tracking and Insights
SEO Opportunities

Find SEO

Use RankCaddy’s range of options and preset filters to find SEO opportunities.


Google Organic and Local Rankings

Flexible tracking. Track your rankings down to a street level, even for organic rankings.


Quick Wins and Opportunities

Find quick wins and actionable opportunities within a couple of clicks.


Page Conflict Detection and Analysis

Filter by and chart conflict issues. Investigate and resolve cannibalisation issues for quick wins.


No More Worrying About 'Not Provided' keywords

Get access to all of your keyword data per page thanks to RankCaddy's blended data integrations.


Blended Analytics and Search Console Data

View and filter by Google Analytics and Google Search Console data for advanced insights and opportunities. Use pre-set filters for potential quick wins.


Flexible Alert Rules

Add flexible alert rules and sub-rules to get the ranking updates that matter to you.


Free API Access

Integrate with Data Studio and more, using RankCaddy’s full API access.

Data Dive

Use RankCaddy’s Data Dive feature to blend Google Analytics and Search Console data, find and prioritise opportunities... and more.

Data Dive
Flexible Alerts

Flexible Alerts

Use flexible alerts and track the changes that are important to you.

Tasks / Investigations

Investigate potential opportunities or assign to someone in your team.

Task/Investigation Management

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