RankCaddy Main Features

Transform SEO Data into
Actionable Opportunities

Unleash the Power of Search Console and Analytics Insights for Smarter SEO Decisions. Plus, more tools to craft winning strategies and elevate your SEO.

Data Dive: Effortless Search Insights for Quick Wins

Unlock deep insights with Data Dive: Seamlessly blend Google Analytics and Search Console data to uncover hidden opportunities and quick wins.

Rank Tracking: Accurate, Easy Tracking

Precise Rank Tracking: Monitor your Google Organic and Local Rankings with detailed accuracy. Stay ahead with flexible, actionable insights on your SEO performance.

Insights: Insights: Essential Insights for Informed Decisions

Insights at Your Fingertips: Discover key opportunities and insights, accessible directly on the platform or delivered to your inbox weekly, to inform and guide your SEO decisions.

Content & Keywords: Simplify Keyword Research & Spark Content Ideas

Revolutionise content strategy: Utilise AI-driven tools for smart content ideation and comprehensive keyword discovery, streamlining your content creation process.


We've been using RankCaddy since it was released to Beta testers. Within a couple of weeks we knew we had to move all our clients over and use it as our main rank tracker. The tracker itself has so many great features that other trackers don't have and it's simple to use. The team at RankCaddy are quick to respond to any support issues and will happily take ideas for new features and improvements.

Jack Stonehouse

427 Marketing

RankCaddy is an essential piece of kit in our SEO toolbox! We were really impressed with how simple it was to use, whilst still being able to generate results that were comprehensive, but above all, data that we could easily translate into actions.

Anna-Roisin Bowles

Inter Vivos

RankCaddy is a game-changer for my SEO strategy. The insights and data it provides have helped me identify new opportunities and quickly make necessary changes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their SEO game.

Michael Keane

SEO Freelancer

RankCaddy's Data Dive feature is a game-changer. I love how easy it is to find and prioritize opportunities. It also makes GSC data so much easier to view and get insights from. It's like having a team of data analysts at my fingertips.

John Thompson

JT Digital

I'm blown away by how much value RankCaddy provides for the price. The tools are comprehensive and the data is presented in a way that's easy to digest. I can't imagine doing SEO without it.

Matt Dean

Go Media

Features That Drive Results

Enhance your SEO strategy. Dive into insightful data analysis, track rankings with precision and plan content intelligently. RankCaddy's features are designed to provide actionable insights and impactful results.

blended-google-analytics-and-google-search-console-data-orangeData Dive

Smart blended Google Analytics and Google Search Console data for advanced insights and opportunities. Use opportunity filters for potential quick wins.

Data Dive

InsightsWeekly Insights and Opportunities

Get key insights and opportunities directly from the platform, or have these sent straight to your inbox on a weekly basis.

SEO Opportunities

google-organic-and-local-rankings-orangeGoogle Organic and Local Rankings

Flexible tracking. Track your rankings down to a street level, even for organic rankings

Rank Tracking

clickable-metrics-and-opportunities-orangeQuick Wins

Find quick wins and actionable opportunities within a couple of clicks.

Quick SEO Wins

page-conflict-cannibalisation-detection-and-analysis-orangePage Conflict Detection and Analysis

Filter by and chart conflict issues. Investigate and resolve cannibalisation issues for quick wins.

2 - Keyword Cannibalisation Detection and Analysis

flexible-alert-rules-orangeFlexible Alert Rules

Add flexible alert rules and sub-rules to get the ranking updates that matter to you.

Flexible Alerts

Content and KeywordsContent & Keywords

RankCaddy’s Content & Keywords feature helps you find tons of content ideas to grow your organic traffic and improve your rankings

Content and Keywords

and-more-orangeFree API Access

Integrate with Data Studio and more, using RankCaddy’s full API access.

RankCaddy API
Data DiveSEO OpportunitiesRank TrackingQuick SEO Wins2 - Keyword Cannibalisation Detection and AnalysisFlexible AlertsContent and KeywordsRankCaddy API

Ready to Elevate Your SEO Strategy?


  • Can I try RankCaddy for free?

    You can try RankCaddy for free on the 250 and 500 keyword packages. You’ll get 14 days free. You will need to enter your card details on the 500 keyword package but you will not be charged until your 14 days are up and you can cancel at any time.

  • Is RankCaddy easy to use?

    It’s all very straightforward once you know your way around. If you need any help, there’s a quick demo here, and a playlist of instructional videos here.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

    Absolutely. You can increase or decrease your keyword limits whenever you want.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Of course, you just need to cancel your subscription within your profile. Your subscription will then end on your next renewal date.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We use Stripe for payments and accept most credit and debit cards.

  • What if I only track keyword weekly or monthly?

    We always recommend tracking keywords daily but if you wish to track weekly or monthly instead that’s no problem. Just select a keyword package from the pricing page or the subscriptions area of the app and you’ll see what that equates to in weekly or monthly keywords.

  • Can I migrate from another tool?

    You can and it’s easy to do. This video will show you how to import your historic data from another tool. If it seems too much like hard work or you just can’t be bothered to do it yourself, get in touch and we’ll do it for you.

  • What is Caddy Score?

    Average rank has its place but it also has its flaws. Let’s say you have a keyword ranking 10th and it jumps to position 1. The average rank is going to change by the same amount whether that keyword has a search volume of 10 or 10,000. Caddy Score is RankCaddy’s own calculation that takes search volume into account, so it’s a much more accurate reflection of your site’s performance.

  • Do I need to connect Google Analytics and Search Console?

    If you want to use Data Dive, then yes. But these integrations are not required for rank tracking and other features within RankCaddy.

  • Do I need RankCaddy?

    Need is a strong word but we’ve tried to create something more affordable, more useful and more actionable than the other tools out there. And we’re planning on adding a lot more features soon too, so it’s only going to get better!