How To Set Up & Use RankCaddy

We want you to get the most out of your RankCaddy subscription and start seeing results as quickly as possible. In this guide, we run through the basics of setting up your projects and understanding the features of RankCaddy.

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Project Setup

Let’s get you started with RankCaddy!

Data Dive

Smart blended Google Analytics and Google Search Console data for advanced insights and opportunities. Use opportunity filters for potential quick wins.


Get key insights and opportunities directly from the platform, or have these sent straight to your inbox on a weekly basis.

Rank Tracking

Flexible tracking. Track your rankings down to a street level, even for organic rankings.

Import CSV

We know you don’t want to lose your old keyword ranking data, so we make it super simple to import your historical ranking data into RankCaddy. Pick up right where you left off!

Adding Tasks to Investigate

We know how busy and stressful a job can be, and it’s easy to miss opportunities or forget to investigate them. In this video, we talk you through adding tasks to RankCaddy.


Add flexible alert rules and sub-rules to get the ranking updates that matter to you.

Content & Keywords

RankCaddy’s Content & Keywords feature helps you find tons of content ideas to grow your organic traffic and improve your rankings


Add unlimited users to your projects.

You Should Be All Set!

You should now be set up and ready to start getting the best out of RankCaddy. However, if you need any further advice or encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to Contact Us at [email protected].
If you’re not yet a RankCaddy customer, book a demo today or start a free trial.