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Competitive Pricing // Actionable Features

Free trials on 250/500 daily keyword packages

g Rank Tracking and Analysis

g Google Organic and Local Rankings

g Clickable Metrics and Opportunities

g Flexible Graphs for Detailed Insights

g Page Conflict (Cannibalisation) Detection and Analysis

g Feature Opportunities


g Data Dive

g Blended Google Analytics and Google Search Console Data

g Pre-Set and Manual Filters

g Easy Viewing of Data and Opportunities

g Save Time with Fast Insights

g No More Worrying About ‘Not Provided’ keywords

g Quick Page Reports


g Tasks / Investigations

g Add Tasks to Investigate Later

g Team Collaboration


g Flexible Alerts

g Flexible Alert Rules

g Decide How Often You Want Alerts

g Choose Who Gets Alerted

g Multiple Alerts… One Email

g Alerts by Category


g Free API Access

g …And More

g …..Oh and a lot more to come too!