Rank Tracking & Easy to Use Data for SEO pros to find quick wins.

Rank Tracking and Analysis


google-organic-and-local-rankings-orangeGoogle Organic and Local Rankings

Flexible tracking. Track your rankings down to a street level, even for organic rankings.

clickable-metrics-and-opportunities-orangeClickable Metrics and Opportunities

Find quick wins and actionable opportunities within a couple of clicks.

flexible-graphs-for-detailed-insights-orangeFlexible Graphs for Detailed Insights

Graph single and multiple keywords to spot issues and trends. View Caddy Score graphs by tags so that you can review true performance of your categories.

page-conflict-cannibalisation-detection-and-analysis-orangePage Conflict (Cannibalisation) Detection and Analysis

Filter by and chart conflict issues. Investigate and resolve cannibalisation issues for quick wins.

feature-opportunities-orangeFeature Opportunities

Find SERP feature and other opportunities to increase clicks you your website.

and-more-orangeAnd more...

Use flexible features and charting to find a huge number of insights and opportunities.

Data Dive

blended-google-analytics-and-google-search-console-data-blueBlended Google Analytics and Google Search Console Data

View and filter by Google Analytics and Google Search Console data for advanced insights and opportunities.

pre-set-and-manual-filters-bluePre-Set and Manual Filters

Set filters using Google Analytics and Google Search Console data together for advanced flexibility. Use the pre-set filters for potential quick wins.

easy-viewing-of-data-and-opportunities-blueEasy Viewing of Data and Opportunities

Simple views and filtering to make data diving as seamless as possible, even for the less advanced SEO professional.

save-time-with-fast-insights-blueSave Time with Fast Insights

Save time and get access to everything you need, fast! No more being buried in huge spreadsheets.

no-more-worrying-about-not-provided-keywords-blueNo More Worrying About 'Not Provided' keywords

Get access to all of your keyword data per page thanks to RankCaddy's blended data integrations.

quick-page-reports-blueQuick Page Reports

Run page reports for chosen keywords for a quick view on how well the page is optimised for that keyword and the current page optimisation highlights.

Tasks / Investigations


add-tasks-to-investigate-later-orangeAdd Tasks to Investigate Later

Find opportunities throughout RankCaddy and easily add them to the Investigate feature.

easy-to-add-orangeEasy to Add

Find the Investigate button throughout RankCaddy for quick task adding of opportunities and issues.

easy-filtering-orangeEasy Filtering

Filter by thing like task name, type and status.

team-collaboration-orangeTeam Collaboration

Easily assign tasks to other users who have been given access to your project.

Flexible Alerts

flexible-alert-rules-blueFlexible Alert Rules

Add flexible alert rules and sub-rules to get the ranking updates that matter to you.

decide-how-often-you-want-alerts-blueDecide How Often You Want Alerts

Be alerted when it suits your. Want daily, weekly or monthly alerts? Done.

choose-who-gets-alerted-blueChoose Who Gets Alerted

You may want multiple people to receive some (or all) of your email alerts. Easy!

multiple-alerts-one-email-blueMultiple Alerts... One Email

Set up multiple alerts for a project and get them summarised in one email.

alerts-by-category-blueAlerts by Category

Easily set up alerts for a single tag or website category.

alert-example-blueAlert Example...

Want to know about the terms that are in the top 5 pages of Google and have climbed by 1 or more pages in the last day? Set up this alert in seconds.

Content & Keywords


Topic Based Keyword ResearchTopic Based Keyword Research

Find stacks of related keywords and content ideas based on your seed terms and topics.


View your keyword suggestions already broken down into questions and various other popular filter types, saving you hours of work.

People Also AskPeople Also Ask

Pull in multiple levels of People Also Ask questions from Google results.


Pull in various related keyword suggestions from Google's Auto-Suggest.

Competitor Supporting ContentCompetitor Supporting Content

Find even more content suggestions based on the supporting articles that are helping your competitors rank for your keywords.

Design Powerful Content Clusters in SecondsDesign Powerful Topic Clusters in Seconds

Harness the power of AI to transform your topic data into a dynamic content map, all with a simple click. Unique, insightful, and efficient - this is content mapping, redefined.

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