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Actionable Insights and Results

After paying a lot for rank trackers that didn’t really tell us much or give anything actionable, we really wanted to build something more than just a rank tracker.

Improving based on your feedback

We listen to every bit of feedback and will continue to improve RankCaddy so you can continue to improve upon results.

Live Chat Support

We're ready to listen. If you need support with the tool or advice on how to make the most of the features, we're just a click away.

Actionable Insights

Our goal is make make everything in RankCaddy as actionable as possible, so you can continue to add to your SEO to do list and get great results.

Cost Effective

No one likes paying lots for something they get little value from. We wanted to flip that on it's head and make RankCaddy affordable, with heaps of value that you can use to get win after win.

Actionable Insights and Results

RankCaddy was built with unique features and actionable insights so that you can start getting actual value from your rank tracker.
Real SEO Actions and Quick Wins

Our Team

Martin Hayman

Martin Hayman


Martin first got his head into SEO and digital marketing about 13 years ago and is the author of The Organic Advantage, a #1 best seller on Amazon. He used to fight in cages!… these days he just sticks to Jiu Jitsu.
Matt Gane

Matt Gane


Matt has been a full stack developer for 15+ years and is mostly focussed on anything javascript these days. He is a keen biker and traveller when he’s not writing that code.